Women’s power going even further down?

Over 80 years ago, women got the vote and its about 40 years since the Sex Discrimination Act was passed in the UK. Women, who form the majority of the population, do not appear to have achieved or improved their position particularly as public sector decision makers.

In UK politics and other areas, mostly public sector decision making, about 20 % is done by  women.
The rate of UK female members in European Parliament is barely over 30%. In the National
Assembly for Wales 41.7% of the members are women, the area with the highest female
rate. It looks, using this report, which compares figures between 2003 to 2012, little progress,
if any, has been achieved.

The rate of women in the Cabinet has fallen by 6%, making Britain one of the lowest placed locations for achieving equality in the EU.

The minority, men, retain the majority….. more