ENS4CARE Project

The Euorpean Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH) is an associate partner in the ENS4Care project (Evidence Based Guidelines for Nursing and Social Care on eHealth services) through a sustainable Thematic Network. The project coordinator is the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN).

The ultimate goal of the Thematic Network (TN) is to establish a sustainable mechanism to support nursing and social care research in the field of ICT enabled integrated care. The main objective is the development of evidence based guidelines for the implementation of eHealth services in nursing and social care, building on existing good practices and guidelines amongst the participants of the Network, sharing and transferring knowledge across European regions.

The Thematic Network will share existing guidelines,good nursing and social work practices in eHealth services (telehealth and telecare) and through evaluation and consensus building will create sets of guidelines with an initial focus on

  • prevention,
  • on clinical practice in integrated care and
  • special focus on skills development for advanced roles (e.g. case manager) and nurse-e-prescribing.

The expected impact is foreseen in terms of increased deployment of eHealth throughout EU and beyond, through the network but also through the memberships of the involved organisations. The TN will establish appropriate methodologies for development and uptake of the above mentioned guidelines and ensure dissemination and publication to inform end users and public policy design based on the evidence collected and through the support of the European Nursing Research Foundation (ENRF).  … more