The European Institute of Women’s Health is a project partner in EUgenmed.

The Eugenmed project intends to complete the following activities:

Research addressing sex and gender (S&G) in biomedical sciences and health care research is emerging as a novel and highly promising field. Interaction of S&G related mechanisms leads to different manifestation of frequent diseases such as infarction, heart failure, diabetes, rheumatic disease, etc. in both women and men.

This research will lead to novel, better targeted and so more efficient treatment strategies than the previous  approaches and will help increase prevention and healthy life expectancy. We will produce an innovative roadmap for implementing S&G in biomedicine and health research. To help achieve these objectives, we will develop EUGENMED into an open European Gender Health Network that includes all stakeholders and decision makers.

6 meetings with all stakeholders will result in recommendations, guidelines and teaching materials for the implementation of S&G research for

  • target audiences
  • doctors
  • medical associations
  • teachers
  • students
  • researchers
  • industry
  • health policy makers
  • funding agencies and
  • politicians

Material will be disseminated through a European Gender Health Portal. The aim is to create multi sector sourcing of knowledge, key to build consensus and help participation in the projects development. Inclusiveness, openness and transparency will be key principles.

Dissemination of S&G strategies to the next generation of medical interventions and therapies shall improve the health of European citizens. Project outcomes will be fed into relevant policy processes at the EU level e.g. Horizon 20/20.

EUGENMED will lead to significant innovations by introducing S&G into medical practice and research and improve European citizens’ health and Europe’s standing in biomedicine. …more


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