Key principles that have emerged to inform national policy frameworks

Principles emphasised by all member states

Principles emphasised by most member states
1.People with dementia should be enabled to remain at home for as long as possible
1.There should be a systematic attempt to equate services provision with n
2.Carers should receive as much help as possible to help them keep patients at home.
2.categorical care should be replaced by care that addresses the genral nees of patients.
3.Dementia patients shold remain maximum control over the support they receive.
3.Early diagnosis of dementia should be encouraged.
4.All relevant services sould be coordinated at the local level.
4.The needs of people with dementia sould be addressed only as part of the general approach to older people at the national level.
5.Patients in institutional care should live in surroundings which are as home like as possible.


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