Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz

AMEE—an International Association for Medical Education and Medical University of Lodz-Poland

Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz is the head of Centre for Medical Education and the chair of the Best Evidence Medical Education Collaborating Centre in Lodz. His main professional interests include diversity and inclusiveness in health professions and higher education, interprofessional education, teaching, learning and assessing medical and academic professionalism, social, and intercultural competence. Janusz is a member of the International Association for Medical Education AMEE Executive Committee and leads the diversity-theme for the annual AMEE conferences. He is a member of the European Board of Medical Assessors, an auditor for the Association for Medical Schools in Europe, an external expert for the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and a member of the Medical Teacher Editorial Board. Furthermore, he is a member of the Higher Education Academy GTEA Strategy Group and leads the Translation into Practice Committee coordinating the Evidence Based Recommendations for Education- an initiative bringing the educational research results into the every-day health-professions teachers’ practice.

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