Vanessa Moore

Senior Researcher with the European Institute of Women’s Health

Vanessa is working with the EIWH to make gender equity in public health, biomedical research, treatment, care and social policies a priorities for EU action. The EIWH considers that many factors that influence health lie outside the health sector, and a gender/social aspect is always included in their work. The EIWH’s work takes a life-course approach to health and wellbeing, and believe that action must be taken early and at critical points to ensure health and wellbeing from young through to older age.

Vanessa has led the EIWH’s work in the area of gender and vaccination access and uptake across the lifespan, as well chronic diseases, older people and public health. She is involved in the EIWH’s policy briefs on topics including diabetes, CVD, lung cancer, and the impact of smoking and alcohol on women. As part of her work, Vanessa has highlighted sex and gender issues at the European Medicines Agency.

Vanessa is currently a Board Member of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). She is also in the process of completing her PhD at the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin, where she is analysing the experiences of persons with young onset dementia of accessing health care services and social care services in Ireland.

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