EIWH Financial Support for Financial Year June 2016 – 2017

EIWH thanks the European Commission for its support in  through the EIWH’s participation in EU projects which amounted to: 116,248   61.40  % of overall funding for this period.

The EIWH would like to thank the following donors for their support:

GSK         20,000  10.56 % of overall funding.

Preglem    20,000  10.56  % of overall funding.

Pfizer        28,055  14.82  % of overall funding.

SCA           5,000  2.64   % of overall funding

Funding received from Industry exceeds 20 % of the organisations total funding and is received from at least 4 separate companies

Percentage of the highest contribution from a single company 14.82 %

Industry total 38.58 % of overall funding.

European Commission Project Funding 61.40 % of overall funding.

In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, funding received in-year is subject to accrual and deferral adjustments proportionate to the level of resources assigned to activities and projects.

Annual_Report_Financial_Statement 2016-2017