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Conference Overview

In celebration of the European Institute of Women’s Health’s (EIWH) twenty-first anniversary and sixty-years of gender equality in EU policy since the Treaty of Rome (1957), we are bringing together decision makers and thought leaders to review progress that has been achieved in sex and gender equity in women’s health.  We will explore existing gaps by employing a cross-sectoral approach and devise steps for moving forward together.

Conference Objectives

The conference will be facilitated and will ask expert participants to contribute to the European Action Plan for Women’s HealthAttendees will utilise a life-course approach when examining and tackling the issues. The speakers will set the context and drive the debate.                                                                                        

The first day sets the scene by evaluating the state of women’s health today through a series of interactive panels and keynote speeches.   Day One will utilise a life-course approach and the most recent evidence base to highlight the current issues in women’s health across the lifecourse.   The first day will answer the questions: What progress have we achieved in reducing sex and gender inequities in health over recent decades? What is the current state of women and family health across Europe?  It will provide an evidence base and the central issues to be tackled by the European Action Plan for Women’s Health.

Day Two comprises of facilitated expert discussions on four central policy areas an expert presentations.  Participants will build off the evidence base from Day One and develop the European Action Plan for Women’s HealthThe multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral invited delegates will work together to make concrete recommendations to move forward together.  Day Two will answer the questions: Where do we want to go in the field of sex and gender equity in health? How do we advance the women’s health agenda together?

What will we achieve together?

1.Develop a European framework to help guide implementation of gender equitable health policy

2.Highlight the importance of integrating sex and gender into healthcare across the lifespan.

3.Work together to improve women’s health across Europe.

4.Assess the future priorities of sex and gender in health.

5.Sow the seeds for future alliances and partnerships to improve women and family health.

6.Highlight the need to work horizontally to include sex and gender across all policy areas.

7.Acknowledge what has been achieved in women’s health to date.

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