Katrín Fjeldsted

CPME Executive Committee

Dr Katrín Fjeldsted was born 1946 in Reykjavík, Iceland. She completed her general practice training in 1979 (United Kingdom) after receiving her Medical Degree from the University of Iceland in 1973. She has been a family physician at Efstaleiti Health Centre since 1980. She was the assistant Reykjavík City Medical Officer 1979¬-1980.

Her political, social and civic activities are as follows: Member of Reykjavík City Council 1982-1994, member of the City Executive Council 1986-1994, Chairman of the Icelandic College of Family Physicians 1995-1999, Member of Board of the Icelandic Medical Association 1997-1999, Head of the Icelandic delegation to CPME since 2000, elected internal auditor for the CPME in April 2001, re¬elected 2003, elected CPME Vice President for 2006-2007, re¬elected for 2008-2009 and elected treasurer 2010-2012. Member of Althingi for the Reykjavík constituency 1999-2003, Deputy parliamentarian 1995-1999 and 2003-2007, Member of the Standing Committee on Judicial and Ecclesiastical Affairs 1999-2003, Member of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Security 1999-2003, Member of the Standing Committee on the Environment 1999-2003, Substitute member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs 1999-2003. Vice-Chairman of the Icelandic Delegation to the Western European Union Assembly 1999- 2003, Substitute member of the Icelandic EFTA-delegation since 1999-2003, Member of the Icelandic parliamentary delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 and 2000, Member of the Icelandic delegation to the U.N. conference on sustainable development in Johannesburg S-Africa in 2002.

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