Prof. Dr. Ineke Klinge

Chair of the H2020 Advisory Group for Gender at European Commission

Ineke Klinge chairs the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Gender at the European Commission. In 2015 she was visiting professor at the Institute of Gender in Medicine (GiM) at Charité, Berlin. She has a background in biomedical sciences and gender research. As associate professor of Gender Medicine at Maastricht University (1998-2014) her work focused on innovation of methodologies for biomedical and health research. Since 2000 she has coordinated many EU projects of which the most recent one was the Gendered Innovations project together with Londa Schiebinger from Stanford University. This project developed methods of sex and gender analysis for basic and applied research. With Claudia Wiesemann she published the book Sex and Gender in Biomedicine. Theories, Methodologies , Results (University press Göttingen, 2010). She is currently involved in EU projects as f.e. EUGenMed, GenCad, TRIGGER, LIBRA, Gedii and serves on the advisory board of the Institute for Gender and Health (Canada, until 2016) and the European Institute for Women’s’ Health (EIWH). She is a member of the Dutch Alliance for Gender & Health that developed a research programme focusing on integration of sex and gender analysis in health research and -care. This programme received a 4-years funding from the Dutch Ministry of Health in 2016 and she is a member of the programme committee. In October 2017 the Alliance for Gender & Health was transformed into the Dutch Society for Gender & Health of which she is the president.

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