EIWH – Current Directors

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Members of our Board:

European Institute of Women’s Health CLG (EIWH)

Hildrun Sundseth – President of the EIWH

Former Head of EU policy, European Cancer Patient Coalition
On retirement from industry in 2003, Hildrun took up the challenge of improving cancer control in Europe under the motto “Cancer Patients are Partners for Change.”

Heading the first Brussels office of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, Hildrun masterminded the contribution of cancer patients to the EU policy agenda. Bringing together the united voice of patients from across different cancer groups, she successfully advocated for improving cancer prevention, treatment, care and research through national cancer plans. Consequently, two EU Joint Actions on Cancer Control were set up.

Hildrun has been a Board Member of EIWH since 2003 and became President in December 2013. She has provided strategic input to the Institute’s policy and advocacy and actions to make gender equity in public health, bio-medical research, treatment, care and social policies a priority for EU action.

For the last 10 years, Hildrun has been a member of the European Medicines Agency’s Patient and Consumer Working Party, contributing to the EU regulatory process the perspective of women as one of the largest patient population groups that takes medicines and largely carries the responsibility for the health of the future generations. At EMA she recently advocated for the need to address safe medicines use in pregnant and lactating women, as well as medicines for older people.

Hildrun participated in various DG research projects, such as the Advisory Board of Euromedicat (FP7), the Ethics Board of EHR4CR (IMI) and led the Medicines Regulation section in the EUGenMed project (FP7) that examined the interaction of sex and gender in biomedical and public health research.

Karen Ritchie 

Senior Research Director; Professor, Faculty of Science/Faculty ofMedicine: Neuropsychology/Epidemiology

Karen Ritchie is a neuropsychologist and epidemiologist, who began her career with the Health Services Evaluation Unit, University of Oxford (Sir Richard Doll) and the Social Psychiatry Research Unit, MRC Australia (Professor Scott Henderson).

She is currently a Research Director with the French National Institute of Medical Research (INSERM), and directs Research Unit 1061 (Epidemiology and Clinical Research into Nervous System Pathologies) and also part-time Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London. She is the author of over 250 publications.

Her research work has included multidisciplinary population studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders in the elderly, clinical studies of neurodegenerative disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and mental health care evaluation.

She has also collaborated with the European Government and WHO in the development of population indicators for mental health surveillance. She is a former member of the Advisory Council of the Director General of INSERM (CORES 2000-2009), the Scientific Board of the University of Montpellier and the Board of Directors of the International Psychogeriatric Association.

She is currently a Board member of the European Institute of Women’s Health, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Alzheimer’s Research UK, the MRC Biomedical Research Centre, the Institute of Health Surveillance (InVS) and member of the Editorial Board of the following journals:

Dementia, International Psychogeriatrics, Psychogeriatrics, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Gerontology.

Sinead Hewson

Sinead has been on the EIWH board since 2003. She is Managing Partner of The Dendrite Group and TpEBO. She helps researchers, advisory groups, experts and competitors focus. She designs and facilitates the process. Attendees find ways to align and increase effectiveness with stakeholders. She uses coaching, NLP and graphic facilitation to bring different opinions, industry issues and personal agendas into alignment.

Sinead works internationally with organisations, businesses and teams in the middle of change and seeking high performance. She helps clients clarify their thinking so that they focus and take action using a mix of experiential, coaching and consulting techniques.

She also designs facilitation style programmes and frameworks for clients which can be delivered by the client in-house or by other providers globally (e.g. Strategy Alignment; Group Dynamics and Team Interventions; Alignment of Services in a global organisation; Communication skills for Health Professionals; Setting up in business – an exit strategy for employees; Public Relations and Social Media for Food Producers).

She lectures at Masters level on Group Dynamics and Team Interventions at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and is a PhD candidate. Her background is in Health and Communications and she works with clients on how gender and diversity can increase performance in teams, organisations and society at large.Sinead acts as strategic advisor to the Women’s Business Initiative International on women and entrepreneurship.

Maeve Cusack

Maeve is National Programme Manager for Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Control Programme.

Cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, is a major healthcare challenge. The National Cancer Control Programme aims to prevent cancer, cure cancer, and increase survival and quality of life for those who develop cancer, by converting the knowledge gained through research, surveillance and outcome evaluation into strategies and actions.

Previously Maeve was senior manager with the National Cancer Screening Services (NCSS) and responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the Screening/Health
Promotion function. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team Maeve played an integral role in supporting individuals to participate in the national screening programmes.

Maeve advised the NCSS on strategy in relation to the best international evidence on interventions that promote participation and closely with external national bodies from across the health care professions.

Maria Merce Rovira Regas

Retired from PA-University Girona (Catalonia-Spain). Currently working as a volunteer in the third sector with the EIWH and ESPIIRAL EDs and co-operating with City and University of Girona.

In the University of Girona Merce researched several eHealth topics from 2009-2013. UdG – IIiA researcher and Associated Professor (2009… ) on PA Innovation from students’ PHD /MA thesis.

From 2004 -2012 Merce research included Innovation on Citizens Services on health and ageing and Citizens Information and Referral Services direct on line access. While working at the City of Girona Technical Staff Merce was eGovernment project coordinator. Merce was also responsible for Several EU, National, Regional projects on PA. Innovation:

  • Member of the PPP –eForum, eTen project.
  • iSAC – coordinator (2006-2008), semantic web, Univ. Girona, mSAC, tSAC, rdiSAC project dir. (2008-2012), research projects – Spain and Catalonia projects on multichannel Citizens Information Services.
  • LL Projects with Social, Cultural and Environmental impact: diversity, active ageing, women, youth…
  • ERASMUS+ Projects on Entrepreneurship for Young People (NEETs) and Women with Senior role in coaching.
  • ENS4Care Project – Guidelines for Health Care Innovation.
  • PiSCE EU Expert Group on Health with focus on Self Care. 

Cooperation with diverse administration bodies National, Regional, EU on Innovation in Public Services:

  • EIPA Maastricht, eGovernment group (2008-2013).
  • Univ. of Girona Chair on Health Promotion (2004-2012).
  • Member of the Spanish working group – Ministry of the Presidency – for the EU Action Programme for Reducing Admin. Burden.
  • Coordinator, WG on eGovernment – Catalan Innov. Cluster (Barcelona, 2005 -2008).
  • AOC – the Catalan Consortia for the Open Administration (2004-2012).

Barbara Dowling

Barbara is the General Counsel, University of The Arts London, A Solicitor – Ireland , England & Wales-Bachelor of Civil Law, (Hons) UCD, Ireland.

Masters in Law, Technology and Governance, NUIGalway (First) – Diploma in Human Rights Law, Diploma in Intellectual Property and Information Technology.

Previously Barbara acted as general counsel for an international Medical Device company based in the West of Ireland giving her the opportunity to apply her skills and experience in the health sector. The company has a division exclusively devoted to women’s health and is leading the way with innovative technology solutions in urology.

Janusz Janczukowicz

My main professional interests include, amongst others, health professions education, medical and academic professionalism, social competence in medical education, gender, cultural diversity and inclusiveness in education, teaching methodology and faculty development programmes.


Vice Dean for Education and Assessment Methodology (Medical University of Lodz- MUL)

Head of Centre for Medical Education- MUL 

Head of the Best Evidence Medical Education International Collaborating Centre- Lodz

International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) Executive Committee Member

AMEE Research Committee Deputy Chair

European Institute of Women’s’ Health (EIWH) Director

Editorial Board of the Medical Teacher Journal Member

Advance- Higher Education (A-HE) UK Fellow 

Global Teaching Excellence Award (A-HE) Strategy Group Member

ASPIRE Curriculum Panel Member

Association of Medical Schools in Europe (ASME) – auditor

University of Algarve External Advisory Board Member

Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) – external expert

MUL Ethics Committee Member

Member of the organizing committee of the European Board of Medical Assessors Conferences

Lead of the Diversity in Medical Education theme at the AMEE Conferences

Medical Faculty Clinical Curriculum Committee and Medical Studies in English Curriculum Committee (MUL) member

Developer of the MD and DMD pre-clinical and clinical courses on professionalism, cultural and social competence o Developer of faculty development programmes

Admission Committee member (MUL) 

Editor and co-author of the first Polish book on medical professionalism o Co-editor of the MedEdPublish Special Issue on Diversity (2018)

Editor of the „Professionalism and social competence” section of Polish Postgraduate Medicine Journal  Author and co-author of the first Polish papers (forming a series “Altruism is not enough”) on medical professionalism and social competencies aimed at postgraduate trainees.

Author of regular monthly papers: Basics of Medical Education for the Journal of Medical University of Lodz. 

Organiser of the International Medical Education Workshops

Presenter of MedEdWorld Webinars o 2010/2011- member of the Ministry of Health Committee for Developing New Educational Standards for Polish Medical Schools (leading the sub-committee responsible for implementation of the domain of professionalism into Polish national MD graduate’s profile)


PhD in neuroscience and MD degree from the Medical University of Lodz

MMEd with Distinction from University of Dundee – multiple courses on medical education.


Orla Sheils

Professor of Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology
Dean of Health Sciences, Fac Office – Faculty of Health Sciences

Professor Orla Sheils is: Director of the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute (TTMI), Professor of Molecular Diagnostics and Director of Medical Ethics at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. She has a PhD in Molecular Pathology from Trinity College Dublin and a MA in Medical Law and Ethics from Kings College London.

The underlying theme of her research is to understand the causes and molecular basis of the development of disease, with particular reference to cancer, and to apply this knowledge to improving disease prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment. She has a particular interest in developing novel molecular diagnostics. Translational research is the common theme throughout Prof Sheils’ research, linking identification of disease processes with targets for early disease detection or classification.

She has been an independent investigator since 2001 and has supervised 24 students to PhD level. Her department currently has 6 students pursuing the degree of PhD by research. She works closely with industry bringing novel technologies and applications to the translational research setting.


Peggy Maguire, Director General

Director General of the EIWH, a political scientist has been working at EU level highlighting the need for gender equity in health.

She has worked with the Commission External Advisory Group on ageing and disability and the WHO expert group on gender mainstreaming. Peggy was previously the Director of Development at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin and Director of the Research and Education Foundation at the Irish College of General Practitioners.

Peggy is currently a board member of the Agency for Public Health Accreditation (APHEA). and immediate Past President and current board member of the European Public Health Alliance.

She served as a founding Member of the Board of the National Women’s Health Council of Ireland and the Board of the Institute of Public Administration.

Peggy represents the EIWH on the EU Horizon 2020 advisory Group for the Societal Challenge 1 ‘Health, Demographic Change and Well-being, (H2020 AG SC1) and EU Horizon2020 advisory Group, Gender and part of the expert Advisory Group to the WHO on the WHO Womens Health Strategy.