Europe Can Do More for women’s health

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Europe Can Do More

Enact and Enforce

• Tackle the pay and pension gap.
• Adopt the Work Life Balance Directive.
• Support the Clinical Trials Regulation (536/2014).


• Prioritise women’s health in all funding mechanisms.
• Explicitly fund health research on sex and gender.


• Support an EU system on the safe use of medicines during pregnancy and lactation.
• Combat women’s cancer by improving access to treatment and care.
• Promote a positive approach to ageing and health.

Partner and Share

• Establish an EU coalition for sex and gender in healthcare professional education.
• Advocate for and implement European standards of maternal care.
• Support a pilot programme to create a multi-stakeholder network tackling obesity, including maternal obesity, which impacts future generations.


• Ensure that data is sex, gender and age-disaggregated.
• Evaluate the state of play for women’s health.
• Increase women’s involvement in STEM.

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