Press Release:

Department of Health publishes first annual report of the National
Healthcare Quality Reporting System

Public reporting of information on the quality and safety of health care in Ireland to  promote a
culture of openness and transparency, and improving accountability within the health sector.

Such public reporting of information on performance will help drive improvements in the quality of care being delivered in the Irish health service.

Patients have a right to know the type of information contained in this report. Ultimately it will help to improve services and patient outcomes. it will initiate a public discussion on these important issues to

  • empower patients and service users make informed decisions about their health care
  • help health care providers to improve their performance through benchmarking with other services, and
  • facilitate system wide quality improvement in health care by informing national policies.

This report will help to ensure that a high level of care is made available to the greatest extent possible. …more

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