Rescue Party,new women’s political party launched

International Women’s Day yesterday, Toksvig , a well known uk female comedian, launched ‘The Rescue Party’, the political party with a focus on women and children.

It’s just what we need to sort out Britain – or at least force David Cameron and Ed Miliband to get a move on with gender equality.

Toksvig’s party isn’t actually real. It’s her vision of a political party to persuade the 9.1 million women who didn’t vote in last general election to go to the ballot box.

Speaking at her Mirth Control comedy night at Southbank’s Women of the World festival, Toksvig said: “What we’ve done is reach into the realm of fantasy and thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to start a party people actually want to vote for?”

The idea of the Rescue Party uses the old lifeboat adage: ‘women and children first’. “So here’s a crazy idea,” she said. “Let’s have a party where we put women and children at the top of the agenda and not as an afterthought.

“This is not a party that would exclude men; rather it would be the first to shine a light on women and children so we can all prosper – not just some b******* in the city.” …more

A G Rumpie says:

And how will they deal with the women who have been and continue to be equally efficient in holding back their sisters”.


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