Eurohealth is concerned about the now continuously growing use of e-cigarettes as not only a future and increasing health hazard, but also as a vehicle that will introduce yet another generation to using tobacco based products.

The tobacco industry have been very vocal in suggesting that e-cigarettes are a way to help people reduce and even stop smoking. They were successful in not having the sale of e-cigarettes restricted as medical devices by the European Parliament leaving these open to abuse especially by another new generation of mainly young consumers.

The explosion of e-cigarettes with many new users, mostly reported to be in their late teens and early twenties to the risk of  tobacco products and their addictive properties amongst other as yet unknown risks is one that will potentially continue to raise the cost of health for all citizens now and into the future.

It is indeed a pity that the European Parliament missed the opportunity to resist the lobbying power of the tobacco industry and its argument that e-cigarettes were a tool that could be used by smokers to reduce their consumption of cigarettes.  We believe Insufficient attention of the effects of such devices over a long period were not fully examined. E-cigarettes are now an effective potential channel to introduce new users to the addictive power of nicotene. the active and effective element in e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The time is therefore correct to ensure that citizens, decision makers and the public health community are both fully aware and ready to be active in what will most likely be the next major element in reducing the health of the community.


A. Grumpie says  “Two steps forward then three steps back will not win the war against tobacco and its negative health effects.  Citizens were let down by making decisions without the evidence needed to consider restricting the sale of e-cigarettes.”

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