Women managers effectively work for 2 hours every day for free.

Women in equivalent full-time jobs earn 22% less than men.  This is equal to 1h 40m a day or 57 days each year. These are findings from the annual survey of 72,000 UK managers published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

For men and women of all ages in all professional roles the gender pay gap now stands at £8,524, with men earning on average f £39,136 and women only £30,612. In 2014, or a  pay gap of £9,069, or 23%.

The survey reveals the pay gap becomes wider as women grow older. Women aged 26-35 are paid 6% less than their male colleagues, rising to 20% for women aged 36-45. The gap increases to 35% for women aged 46-60, just like working  for 681 hours for free compared to male colleagues.

For women and men in their 60s the pay gap expands to 38% – so much for the success of equality initiatives and the lack of political drive to ensure a more equal society.

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