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All grant applications are made through the HRB Grants E-Management System (GEMS).

See Call Guidance Notes below for details.

Host Institutions approve and submit each application on behalf of applicants. Please make this a time consideration when preparing your grant application.


The Health Research Board (HRB) Strategic Business Plan 2016-2020 will set out our mission with two complementary aspects: to improve people’s health and to improve healthcare delivery. In line with its strategic objectives, the HRB now invites applications for its 2016 Research Training Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals.

The objective of this PhD fellowship programme is to provide three years’ full-time funding to health and social care professionals, who are individuals of outstanding potential, early in their research careers, who can maximise the opportunity of being supported through a customised research training programme in an environment reflecting their individual talents and training needs.

For practicising clinicians, the  fellowship may be held on a part-time basis for a maximum of six years.  It is anticipated that successful applicants will become independent research leaders within six to 10 years of completing a HRB Research Training Fellowship for Healthcare Professionals.

Who should apply?

Health and social care professionals in Ireland who wish to undertake training in patient-oriented, health service and population health research in a recognised research institution leading to a PhD by research. Health and social care professionals are defined as medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and all professional groups recognised under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.

What does the award include?

Three years’ full-time or up to six years’ part-time funding towards salary and related costs, student fees, running costs, dissemination and knowledge exchange costs, training costs and a travel grant to gain research experience abroad.

Deadline for applications

Applications must be submitted on the new HRB GEMS system. The deadline for the submission of applications is on Thursday 5 November at 13.00.

Please refer to

Guidance Note and the HRB website for further details on the GEMS system.

Further information is available in the Guidance Notes


Frequently Asked Questions.

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