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EESC electing new President & Vice-Presidents, 7 Oct.

European Parliament, Hemicycle (Paul-Henri Spaak building).

The 350 European Economic and Social Committee were reelected 21 September for a 5 year period with  40% being new Members.

During the Constitutive plenary of the new term on 7th October, Members will vote for a new President and two Vice-Presidents. The President and the two Vice-Presidents will be in post for a term of two-and-a-half-years, and elected by simple majority.

The position of President normally rotates between the three groups of the Committee in turn (Employers, Workers and Various Interests). The two previou s Presidents were elected from the Various Interests and Employers Groups.

During the Constitutive Plenary, in addition to the new President and Vice-Presidents being elected, a number of other positions will be elected from amongst the members, such as the Group Presidents and Section Presidents and, in addition, a new Bureau will be constituted.

EESC Role in Public and other health aspects

The European Economic and Social Committee represents the various economic and social components of organised civil society.and an institutional consultative body established by the Treaty of Rome.

Its consultative role enables its members, and the organisations they represent, to participate in the EU decision making process. It has been a key environment for promoting public and other health issues as well as women’s and family issues at European level.

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