Barley ‘increased gut hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite’

Researchers claim that the positive health effects occur when the dietary fibers in the barley kernel reach the gut, then they increase good bacteria and instigate the release of specific hormones.

“After eating the bread made out of barley kernel, we saw an increase in gut hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite, and an increase in a hormone that helps reduce chronic low-grade inflammation, among the participants,” Prof. Nilsson said.
“In time, this could help prevent the occurrence of both cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

Those who constantly quest to stay healthy may want to include barley in their regular diet; a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition reveals that incorporating barley into the diet reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels.

Barley bread

Eating barley kernel bread for 3 days improved study participants’ metabolisms and decreased blood sugar and insulin levels.

“It is surprising yet promising that choosing the right blend of dietary fibers can – in a short
period of time – generate such remarkable health benefits,” says Prof. Nilsson.  Barley ‘increased gut hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite’

The  obesity epidemic  makes  these findings veryimportant as  up to one in three  adults are obese, so at risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. …more on Nutritional effects of barley products — Mechanisms of action in the intestinal tract, Yadong Zhong


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