Gender equality in higher education updates

Irish higher education report concludes that institutions will risk funding being withheld if they do not address gender inequality in the coming years. Read Higher Education Authority HEA report.

British Global Research Council issued a statement of principles and action to promote the equality of women in research. Point 2 includes integration sex and gender analysis into research design and outcomes. …..more (pdf)

Equality and Status of Women in Research
Published by The Careers Research and Advisory Centre, April 2016 to inform discussions at the Global Research Council (GRC) Annual Meeting, May 2016, Delhi, India gives participants have the opportunity to influence developments in research landscape by adopting and implementing policies which aim to redress gender mbalances and inequalities in research.

The report provides an overview of the gender equality policies and practice of a selection of GRC participants identified through a combination of desk based analysis and interviews. .…..more

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