Diabetes – Men need right amount of sleep!

Too much or too little sleep has a negative impact on men’s health and well-being.

New study shows a link between sleep and health but seems only to apply to men who have a higher risk of having diabetes.

“In a group of nearly 800 healthy people, we observed sex-specific relationships between sleep duration and glucose metabolism, 
In men, sleeping too much or too little was related to less responsiveness of the cells in the body to insulin, reducing glucose uptake and thus increasing the risk of developing diabetes in the future.
In women, no such association was observed.”
said Femke Rutters, Ph.D., of the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

There are about 60 million people with diabetes in the European Region, or about 10.3%  of men and  9.6%  of women aged 25 years and over see study …..more

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