Conference on Migration Health, Rome, Italy
1-3 October 2018, 12.00 – 13.30

Oral Session 1 – Women and Children

A trans cultural and equitable approach to migrant women’s health

K. Semancik, European Institute of Women’s Health, Dublin, Ireland and
A. Le Corvec, Asserta, Barcelona, Spain

Background of the study:

Women migrants face poorer health outcomes and access issues due to sex/gender inequities and cultural barriers. They have specific health needs that required tailored responses. Migrants access health services less than the general population and face unique challenges related to maternal health,
reproductive health, and violence.

They are at elevated risk of unintended pregnancies and poor pregnancy outcomes. Migrant women also have worse health outcomes. Migrant women are less often screened for cervical and breast cancer in Europe. Healthcare systems do not effectively or equitably tackle migrant women’s health.


The workshop will outline the health needs that migrant women uniquely face across diverse healthcare systems in Europe. The goal is to provoke debate and devise effective and equitable strategies to tackle migrant women’s health needs.


First, central issues related to migrant women’s health will be outlined. Then, the main women’s health needs will be discussed in an interactive, facilitated process in order to generate potential solution and answers.

  • A trans cultural approach, especially with regard to mental health issues, will be employed utilising concrete role play.
  • The two presenters of the workshop are experienced in identifying health needs.
  • Examples of good practice in origin countries will be presented.
  • Small groups of workshop participants will develop solutions based on needs and to evaluate the current health requirements.

Summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions.

The workshop will review the current state of migrant women’s health cross nationally in Europe , including best practice and define their health needs,employing a sex/gender sensitive trans cultural approach. The workshop will generate steps for working to improve migrant women’s health.

Conclusion(s) reached:

The results will also be discussed. This workshop will be interactive and productive, so all the participants can better understand migrant women’s healthy by employing a cross-national, trans cultural approach with a gendered lens.

Workshop delegates will work together to evaluate existing practice and develop innovative solutions.

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