Protecting our health now and in future!

The EIWH has drawn up an initial position paper on the current Coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic.

We have reviewed the immediate impacts of the pandemic, particularly to hghlight the needs and benefits of ensuring that everything that can be learned from our current experiences is used practically to improve the delivery of health care and the preparedness of health and medical systems and services to meet all health needs in times of disruption.

There are many lessons to be learned from the Covid -19 responses transnationally.  These lessons  will help identify and underpin better, faster and more effective decsion making, that will raise awareness of the need to prepare, ensure adequate equipment availablity and the best approaches to ensure public safety systems and their implemention at the earliest stages of any future pandemic. 

Experience should also show the need and benefits of working together politically at trans border and trans national levels to impove everyones potential for our collective ability to work together for everyones mutual benefit and protection.

To read our paper, please clcik on the following link:

EIWH COVID position paper 2020


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