Food can upset Prescription Drugs!

Prescription Drugs might not like the food you eat.

About  70 percent of U.S. citizens take at least one prescription drug and according to John Hopkins. Food and medicine interactions can take place with both prescription and over the counter medications. Blood pressure, back pains, diabetes, and headaches, the medications that are meant to help,  could, in fact, be hurting you depending on what food you eat.

The first common culprit for medication-and food interaction is:

Grapefruit juice:  Doctors from Harvard University found this drink contains a compound called furanocoumarins that binds enzymes and stops them from working.

A second silent killer is black licquorice. Studies have found this sweet might reduce or stop blood pressure medicines from working as it contains glycyrrhizin, a plant compound that causes blood pressure to rise.

Prescription drugs

Medics reported herbal supplements interacting with antidepressants and when taken with blood thinner medications, can cause a higher risk of bleeding because of contained flavonoids.  

People taking antidepressants should also avoid strong cheeses altogether. These medications work to block monoamine oxidase, and scientists report aged cheeses can block serotonin and, dopamine.

Lastly, steer clear of green tea. If you take medications for heart disease and high blood pressure. Vitamin K in this drink can reverse the effects of meds and lead to more damage.

Experts say if you are sick and taking different meds, stick to neutral foods like rice, bread, and peanut butter. Neutral foods coat your stomach and aid in helping digestion. This helps to metabolize your medication better.


Contributors include: Ally Stratis, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer and Editor.



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