May was the final month of the IDEAHL project aimed at developing new models of and approaches to digital health literacy. A two-year project, IDEAHL focused on digital health literacy and how to empower citizens in their understanding and use of and access to both digital health literacy and e-Health.

The EIWH was the Irish partner in a consortium made up of 14 partners from 10 EU Members States. Amongst its many work strands, the IDEAHL project included running interventions and large-scale co-creation activities across Europe. Overall, the co-creation element involved over 1,300 stakeholders, from citizens and patients to healthcare, social services, policy makers, non-health sectors, academia, and so on.

In Ireland, the EIWH ran six co-creation sessions and the data from these helped inform one of the major achievements of the IDEAHL project, namely a European Digital Health Literacy Strategy. Another of the many achievements of the IDEAHL project that the EIWH were very involved with was a dedicated toolkit to review the issues of gender and inclusion and ethics and privacy in relation to (digital) health literacy.

Peggy Maguire, Secretary General of the EIWH said:

The IDEAHL project has achieved a phenomenal amount over the past two years. From the mapping exercise of Digital Health Literacy, to the large co-creation activity to the European ‘Digital Health Literacy Strategy’ to mention but a few of the outputs from this project, which has been exceptional. EIWH were especially pleased to see the attention put on the issues of gender and inclusion, and how to ensure that barriers to full participation are removed for all citizens. We are very proud of the work we carried out over the two years of the project, and to have been part of such a successful Consortium.”

To find out more, please visit: or and search for IDEAHL.

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