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In this type of cancer the cancer cells grow in the muscle or other supporting tissues of the uterus. Like most cancers, sarcoma of the womb is best treated when it is found early.


  • If you are postmenopausal and experience bleeding.
  • Bleeding that is not part of your periods.


If you have signs of this cancer, your doctor will do certain tests to check for it, usually beginning with an internal pelvic examination. Your doctor may then do a cervical smear, but because sarcoma of the uterus begins inside the uterus this cancer will not usually show up on this kind of test. A dilation and curettage may also be performed and this tissue checked under a microscope for cancer cells.


Surgery is the most common treatment for sarcoma of the uterus. The exact choice of treatment will depend on the stage of your sarcoma (whether it is just in your uterus or has it spread to other places), how fast your tumour cells are growing and on your general health and well-being.

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