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ie: HRB Internship Programme 2015

HRB Internship Programme 2015 The HRB is building capacity in health research and encouraging and supporting our early stage researchers in the development of their careers. The HRB runs an Internship Programme, offering researchers at the early stage of their careers opportunities for first-hand experience of working in a state agency  with experienced professionals and…

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eu: Sex and gender in bio medicine and health research

Roadmap for implementation of sex and gender into biomedicine and health research in Europe The overall objective of EUGenMed is to improve the health of European citizens, women and men, by improving biomedical and health research through a sex and gender (S&G) sensitive approach. For this purpose we will develop a Roadmap to implement sex…

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ie – New strategic plan for health research

Health Research Board (HRB) Ireland developing a new strategic plan for 2016-2020. They are seeking constructive feedback from stakeholders to: – 1.   Test our provisional ideas ‘in the field’. 2.   Identify significant gaps, or potential errors, in those ideas. They have published a strategy consultation document  providing a brief background and outline of areas of…

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