ConcePTION – use of medication in pregnancy

ConcePTION – use of medication during pregnancy and lactation ConcePTION is a large Horizon 2020 programme, bringing partners from all over Europe together to focus on the uses of medication during pregnancy and lactation. The European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH) are a partner in this project. ConcePTION aims to reduce uncertainty around the safety…

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uk: No evidence of “safe” level of alcohol for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should not touch a drop of alcohol, because there is no evidence of a “safe” threshold, doctors have said.   Experts in paediatrics and pregnancy writing in the BMJ, said women planning a family were being given too much “conflicting advice” which could put their child at risk.  Mary Mather, a retired paediatrician, and…

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eu: European Patients’ Rights Day benefits to patients

European Patients’ Rights Day: 10 benefits the EU brings to patients. Lets remember on patients day some benefits the EU provides each and every year. Benefits patients who are EU citizens can expect: 1) To receive healthcare when visiting another EU country If you fall ill during a trip to another EU country and need…

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