Take precautions against Zika virus

Pregnant women can be infected with the Zika virus throughout the pregnancy, however the incidence of infection in pregnant women is not known and data is limited (Petersen et al 2016).  Also, no data exists that suggests pregnant women are more susceptible to Zika virus infection, or experience the disease more severely during pregnancy.

There is no vaccine or specific antiviral treatment for the Zika virus, treatment is mostly supportive and includes rest, fluids, use of analgesics and antipyretics (Petersen et al 2016). The Zika virus does not pose a risk for future pregnancies, as the virus tends to remain in the blood of an infected person only for up to a week (CDC 2016).

The risks posed by the Zika virus for pregnant women are unknown as the link  between Zika and microcephaly are still to be  scientifically verified, however extreme caution should be exercised.

If you are pregnant and plan travelling to the affected areas, consider postponing your travel – and if you are living in the affected areas, take every possible precaution not to get bitten by a mosquito, such as destroying places where mosquitoes may lay eggs, using clothing that covers you, mosquito repellent, and using mosquito nets in your house and over your bed. ….more

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