Lancet publishes first transgender health series.

Transgender people live everywhere but their acceptance in communities and their freedom to live with their chosen gender identity or expression varies according to culture and society.

The series led by Sam Winter of Curtin University and Kevin Wylie of the University of Sheffield, is a result of a committed effort by experts and members of the transgender community-some of whom contributed to a piece about community voices for the series.

An initial peer review meeting was held in 2014 at Beijing, engaged members of the Asia Pacific transgender community and international reviewers. When the authors began their work in 2011, they warned the Lancet that transgender health was largely a concern of specialist journals. The challenges facing the transgender community are however global, multifactorial, extending across all medical specialties.

These challenges- so eloquently described by Sari Reisner and colleagues in their Series paper as

“situated vulnerabilities”

demand intersectoral responses.

Access to general health care is among the least researched fields of transgender health, and reflects inadequate knowledge of transgender health needs by primary health care workers and health professionals in other specialties.

For additional information and sending contributions, please contact:

Mrs. Eliane P. Santos, Advisor, Library and Information Networks,                                                                             KBR/ PAHO, Regional Office of the World Health Organisation                                                   

Pan American Health Organization,                                                                                                                                          Regional Office of World Health Organization for Americas
Office of the Assistant Director.                                                                                                                                                    Area of Knowledge Management,                                                                                                                                               Bioethics and Research (KBR)


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