The European Commission is inviting companies and organisations to organise activities to equip more women and girls with digital skills and enthuse them to pursue ICT studies and careers.

Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market said:

“Technology desperately lacks gender balance on all domains – STEM education, digital jobs, decision making and tech business. Today less than one in five ICT graduates is a woman and the share is not progressing. Moreover, only 16% of the almost 8 million people working in ICT are women. Activities to improve the situation in ICT education and work could help women to succeed in a variety of domains.”

Employment in the ICT sector has been growing in the last ten years. However, only around 16% of the almost 8 million people working in ICT are women, and their share of workforce is declining. Attracting more women to technology would ensure a boost to the economy and would contribute to further economic empowerment of women, as ICT is a sector where almost no pay gap between men and women with equivalent levels of qualification and responsibility.    ………….more

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