Report shows potential of E-health to increase vaccination.

​Twenty one EU/EEA countries have developed or are developing systems to digitally record information about vaccination, according to a new “ECDC survey report on immunisation information systems implementation and system characteristics”.
14 of these countries already have a system in place, whereas innovative systems are being piloted in 7 countries. Five of the digital systems include automated reminders, which have the potential to automatically generate lists that identify under vaccinated populations, determine which vaccines are due or overdue, and generate reminders for providers and vaccine recipients. For example, automated reminders have been used to generate of lists identifying children who have not been vaccinated with the second dose of Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination (MMR2) before the age of 16. …more

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Summary of key results of ECDC survey report on immunisation information systems in the EU/EEA
Case Study on how the Norwegian Immunisation Information System “SYSVAK” was used to assess coverage of measles vaccination in 16 year olds

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